Muscle Lines / Professional Insights

Muscle Lines / Professional Insights

I first met Rob Froher in Saskatchewan at the University of Regina a few years ago; I had the extreme fortune of being admitted to Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneurial Boot Camp, one branch of the Prince’s Charities.  Rob was also on the course and the two of us hit it off almost immediately.  We were both very health minded and hard core dedicated to self improvement.  Rob served 25 years in the Navy as a naval communicator during which he used military style training to maintain his own fitness and that of his subordinates. Despite the distance between us, we kept in touch and up to speed with each other’s activities.

Rob is one of those highly skilled and empathetic BCRPA certified trainers. His expertise has been accumulated over a life time of personal fitness and now he is turning his attention to helping others achieve success over their fitness challenges and their limiting beliefs. He has used fitness, nutrition and life coaching to conquer depression and anxiety and is excited about sharing his victories and insights from his past with others. Through innovation and constant learning he brings a very high level of service to his clients. Rob likes using his skills to alleviate a host of ailments including; inflammation, depression, anxiety, moodiness and deficient immune systems.  So when Rob mentioned he had found “a guy” I had to talk to I wasn’t completely surprised.

The ‘guy” was Scott Mitchell of Professional Insights, in Duncan B.C.  Scott possesses a broad background in forestry, corrections, employment and social services, and is known as a person of integrity amongst other professionals in his community. Scott specializes in connecting with the environment through intentional exercises designed to mirror nature as a part of our being. He believes that deepening the awareness of the components and essences of the natural ecosystem (as metaphor) creates conditioning for establishing a clear vision of who we are. There have been a few people who have brought to my attention the newly evolving practice of Eco Therapies, Scott is not the first. However, from my conversations with Scott over the past few months, I know him to be as passionate as a man can be at helping others to regain what they have lost through traumas.

These two men (and a few others I am just beginning to know) are the force behind what will be the 3rd of the Not for Profits (NFP) to have Joined with Veterans House to break the stagnation of status quo. Their NFP is still in its infancy and will be fully formed within the next couple of months. I want to release the name it excites me so much, but I would be getting ahead of myself as there is still much work that needs to be finished first, and since it’s not ‘my’ NFP, the honour of the launch belongs to those that build it. Who would have thought that a business course a few years ago would bring these brothers together in this manner? For the longest time I often felt I was in this alone, even when I had a team working with me. It’s that disconnect that we submit ourselves to, believing that we need to drop our heads and muscle through it alone, that can sometimes prevent us from achieving our ultimate goals.  These men continue to serve to me as a constant reminder that we are not alone; nor should we proceed alone.  We are connected and in this unity we are strengthened.

I feel it is almost an uncanny coincidence that this emerging group of like minded men and women, brothers and sisters from across Canada, would share a vision so closely linked and in tune with each other’s beliefs. The truth is when people this dedicated to making a positive impact in mental health set out to accomplish their goals; the end result can only be that they would naturally find each other and unite as one. In fact it is a mirror of nature as Scott would put it; large paradigm shifts always begin with like minded people posing questions and coming up with solutions. You can learn more about these guys in the links below, as for that NFP name…


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